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Development Stages



Early Stage (1983 - 1992)

As an international business service provider under Jiangxi Provincial Government, CJIC mainly delivered China Aid projects, foreign labor service and foreign product import service.

Strategic Transition (1993 - 2003)

CJIC gradually;transformed itself from a business service provider to a corporate entity;through participating;in the bidding and execution;of international contracted engineering projects, establishing global operations and developing talents with overseas experience and expertise.

Rapid Growth (2004 - 2012)

CJIC has completed its first strategic transition of transforming itself from a business service provider to a corporate entity with international contracting as core business. CJIC has entered the fast growing stage with strong momentum, its business model has been established and become sophisticated, it has developed distinguished comparative advantages within the sector.

Reform and Innovation (2013 - present)

Facing new circumstances and changes, CJIC started its second strategic transition of transforming itself from a corporate entity with real business to an integrated service provider and resource optimizer through improving business portfolio, optimizing market portfolio,developing high-end businesses, expanding value chain and implementing reform and innovation. With increasing outbound investment, CJIC has developed construction engineering and investment as its core, meanwhile, it has been facilitating corporate governance reform and benchmarking leading management practices. CJIC has achieved significant progress in company development, business portfolio expansion and scale operation adoption.