Investment is the key business developed in recent years, which includes the investment of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones, tobacco farming, solar power, civil explosives, health and wellness, tourism and logistics. Jiangxi Multi-Facility Economic Zone (Zambia), invested by CJIC, has become a great cooperation platform for Jiangxi-based enterprises to enter international market with joint efforts.

Zambia Jiangxi Economic Cooperation Zone

Location: Chibombo, Central Province, Zambia; 

Occupied Area: 24 km²; 

Description: 88 kilometers from Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, stretching along the vital T2 Highway, Jiangxi Multi-Facility Economic Zone is planned to create industrial cooperation zone, commercial and residential zone, technology innovation zone, modern agriculture zone and leisure tourism zone. Phase I of Jiangxi MFEZ will deliver standard manufacturing plants, warehouses, commercial center, hotels and housing properties with ancillary facilities occupying 150 hectares, and also provide full consulting service for prospective investors.

Tobacco Project (Zambia)

Location: Jiangxi Multi-Facility Economic Zone, Chibombo, Zambia; 

Investment: 100 million USD;

Description: A whole-industry-chain tobacco project that integrates tobacco farming, tobacco leaf;threshing and redrying and cigarette production

Emulsion Explosives Plant (Nigeria)

Location: Cross River State, Nigeria; 

Occupied Area: 13.2 ha;

Investment: 16.59 million USD; 

Description: construction and operation of a emulsion explosives manufacturing and packaging line and a on-site mixing line of gelatinous explosives, each of which has the annual capacity of 6,000 tons production.

CJIC-Country-Garden Hot Spring Town Residential and Commercial Project

Location: Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, P.R.China; 

Occupied Area: 53.33 ha;

Investment: 8 billion CNY; 

Description: This Project will deliver high-end residential properties, hot springs water parks, hot springs hotel and resort, hot springs club and featured shopping streets; 

Purpose: Focused on thermal springs leisure products and wellness service, this Project will create a distinguished healthy living town in Nanchang which will become a hub of thermal springs wellness activities, tourism, leisure, entertainment and business events. 

Port-City Integration Project at Hexi Port of Zhangshu

Location: Zhangshu, Jiangxi Province, P.R.China;

Occupied Area: 53.33 ha;

Investment: 10.8 billion CNY; 

Description: This Project consists of port construction, urban area development and ancillary infrastructure construction; 

Purpose: As a priority project in Jiangxi Province of China, this Project will unfold a vital water transport hub in the midstream of Gan River and a vibrant new city to live and work.